Buying Guide

To help transform your home into a cosy living space in winter, here are some simple tips to find your perfect Saxon wood heater.

Major factors to consider when it comes to choosing a wood heater are:

  • Size of your home
  • Building layout
  • Number of rooms you’d like to heat
  • Style preference
Insert Heaters:

Inserts are the perfect way to convert an existing open fireplace into a far more efficient and user friendly heat source. All inserts feature an outer shell which ensures that heat is transferred into the room rather than absorbed into the brickwork. They all feature fans which push hot air out from the heater, optimising efficiency.

Zero Clearance:

Zero clearance heaters are an option if you want the look of an insert heater but don't have an existing fireplace. Transform any blank wall in your home into a feature insert fireplace without any major structural requirements. Read more

Freestanding Heaters:

A freestanding wood heater is ideal if you don't have an existing brick fireplace. With a choice of modern or traditional designs, your freestanding Saxon wood heater can create a cosy focal point for your living space with very little structural work involved in the installation.

Designed with an air cavity between the firebox and the outer skin, all our freestanding models are convection heaters.

Do I Need a Fan?

A fan helps push the air away from the heater and helps circulate air within the room. Consequently, a wood heater with a fan will heat a room faster than a heater without. All Saxon Wood Heaters come with a factory fitted fan. 


Check the construction quality of the firebox, as this is the engine of any wood heater. All Saxon Wood Heaters come with a 15 year firebox warranty and an 8mm thick steel firebox for extra durability

Picking a Heater:

1. What is the size of area that you need to heat?

  • Our Saxon heaters will heat up to 350m2 (35sqs).

    • Saxon Blackwood Insert (up to 280m2)

    • Saxon Blackwood Freestanding (up to 300m2)

    • Saxon Mahogany (up to 350m2)

    • Saxon Merbau (up to 200m2)


    2. Your style preference:

    • Bay window (Walnut/Rosewood)
    • Modern design (Blackwood/Mahogany)
    • Wood storage (Blackwood)
    • Pedestal (Merbau/Blackwood/Mahogany)


    3. Are they environmentally friendly?

    We continuously are looking to improve clean burn (i.e. air quality) and efficiency (i.e. burning less fuel). Our current heaters are one of the best performing heaters in the market today, producing as low as 0.5 g/kg emissions.

    Floor covering:

    If you have combustible floor (timber, carpet), it is a requirement to use a hearth. Each heater has different hearth clearances, check the product page for details.

How does the time delay fan system work? 

Saxon wood heaters are fitted with a unique time delay fan system that ensures your heater always burns efficiently and with the minimum emissions being emitted. How it works, if the fan is on and you open the heater door or move the the air-slide to low, the fan will automatically turn off and will automatically restart 20 minutes after the door is closed and the air-slide is on the medium to high setting.

  • We recommend using heatproof gloves to open/close the door especially when fire is burning on high.
  • Have children or pets? We recommend using a child guard for added protection

We recommend cleaning your flue annually, preferably at the beginning of the season.

Useful Tips:

In a two storey house, never put the heater on the top level if the bottom level also needs to be heated. when the wood heater is on the bottom level, the hot air will rise up stairwells and heat up both areas.

We do not recommend installing a wood heater next to a stairwell as the hot air will naturally rise up the stairs and not circulate through the bottom floor.

Never install a wood heater that is too big for the actual home or office size. This will result in consistently setting and burning the wood heater on the lower setting and for this reason, the wood heater will not be working efficiently. This will cause blackened glass and will increase smoke output and may cause the flue to block.

The fan in a wood heater should not be turned on until the firebox has reached optimum temperature. If turned on beforehand, the fan will keep the firebox cool and therefore emit more smoke. Our current models have built-in auto fan control to avoid this issue.

The fan can help distribute heat up to 3 meters from the wood heater.

Finding out the general direction of prevailing winds. This can help you determine where a wood heater should be located as the natural draft will push hot air through the house.

Choosing the right Flue System:

Choosing the right flue system is as important as the choice of wood heating appliance. We strongly recommended the use of a Maxiheat flue system. Maxiheat flue system are designed and are in accordance with Australian standard AS2918. Maxiheat flue systems and components are manufactured to high standards from quality materials.

Maxiheat has manufactured flue systems for over 30 years and are the market leader in flue technology.

We strongly recommended that you use an authorised installer which usually takes less than a day with minimum disruption to your home. It is important to check local regulations prior to installation as well as specifications provided in the instruction manual. Specifications are a guide only and are subject to change. Insert heaters are not zero clearance appliances and must not be installed in timber stud walls or within an enclosure made of combustible materials. Insert heaters can only be installed into an existing masonry fireplace or a full masonry enclosure.

Environmental Impact:

We all need to consider our use of natural resources and the effect we have on the environment.

Saxon wood heaters, are designed in Australia to burn hardwood, and are tested to the most stringent of standards. The current joint Australian and New Zealand Standard 4013/4012 measure particulate emissions and efficiency and we are proud to say our heaters exceed the requirements of these standards.

Today wood, as a form of natural energy, is the only sustainable and renewable fuel source for heat generation. Wood burning in a Saxon Wood Heater does not contribute to the 'Greenhouse Effect'. If wood is left to naturally decay, consumed in a natural bush fire or burn in a wood heater, it emits similar levels of CO2. Saxon manufacture slow combustion wood heaters using low emission technology to gain maximum heat output with minimum emission into the atmosphere. 

That's why people like yourself are making the right choice for now and the future with the purchase of a Saxon Wood Heater.

Saxon Wood Heaters has developed the ultimate low emission system using the high technology energy boost combination of Two Air Intakes.

Not only does the wood burn, but the carbon rich gases emitted burn as well! Virtually no smoke or other gases are released, just clean warm air that spreads throughout your home for maximum comfort.

Advocacy and Continued Support:

To further demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection, Saxon Wood Heaters contributes to Landcare Australia. In working together with Landcare, we are all working towards restoring the environment and protecting its long term viability through the planting of more trees for future fuel supplies and cleaner air. No other form of home heating uses a renewable fuel supply and we want to ensure the supply is maintained for our future, and the future of our children.

Saxon proudly supports the activities of Landcare Australia through its membership of the AHHA.