What's the right flue system for my heater?

Choosing the right flue system is as important as the choice of wood heating appliance. To extract maximum performance from your Saxon Wood Heater, we strongly recommend the use of the Maxiheat flue system. Maxiheat flue systems are designed, tested and approved to Australian standard (AS2918). Manufactured to high standards from quality materials, Maxiheat has been manufacturing flue systems for over 15 years and is the market leader in flue technology.

Will the size of my home or office affect the type of heating?

Yes, the size of the area you want to heat will determine which size heater and type of heater; radiant or convection.

How important is having a lot of small rooms for the type of heating needed at my home or office?

Having a lot of small rooms does affect the type of heating because we need to establish how we can get the heat to circulate through your house or office. Depending on the setup, this might also mean placing an air transfer kit. This type of setup uses a fan and insulated ducting to transfer excess heat from one room to another more efficiently.

I have a lot of windows in the location I would to install heating, does this make a difference?

The number of windows at your home or office will help determine which wood heater is right for you as well as its placement.

What is the importance of knowing the height of the gap between ceiling and rooftop?

Knowing this helps determine what additional flue components maybe needed.